PMS Consulting provides comprehensive background screening services that help organizations mitigate risks and make informed decisions in critical area of employment

Following the current rise in the cases of fraud in most organisations, PMS Consulting has developed well thought out strategies and products to help our clients eliminate these incidence in the organisation.

Background Checks:

Standard background checks are required for:

  • Individuals being offered employment in, or being transferred or reassigned to, non-student positions;
  • Individuals being assigned duties where checks are legally or contractually required or can be justified by a legitimate business need; and
  • Individuals, including non-employees, being engaged by the University encompassing work with minors.

Benefits of Background Check:

  • Employee turnover and job dissatisfaction reduced.
  • Control on Hiring expenses and Training Costs.
  • Minimizing Low Productivity & Performance Issues.
  • Avoiding Risk of Frauds & Litigations.

Why PMS ?

  • Already into Recruitment Services.
  • Specialized in Background Verification.
  • Fast Accurate and Cost effective.
  • Does the BCVS for its own Employees.
  • Specialized Staff.
  • All India Network.