We hire from campuses across India . We select the appropriate campus to visit, understand campus trends, brand ourselves at campus, manage the logistics of coordinating with the placement offices on various campuses, set the dates of various visits (pre placement student interaction, interviews etc.), conduct assessments and follow up with graduating students before joining, all of which comes at considerable effort and cost.

Campus Recruitment

PMS Campus Recruitment or Campus Placement has become a popular and commonly used method for selecting personnel in an organization. In Campus Recruitment, Companies / Corporate visit some of the most important Technical and Professional Institutes in an attempt to hire young intelligent and smart students at source.


The most significant fact about Campus Recruitment is that instead of the job seekers approaching employers, the employers come to the most suitable prospective candidate with a job offer. It is common practice for Institutes today to hire a Placement Officer who coordinates with small, medium and large sized Companies and helps in streamlining the entire Campus Recruitment procedure.

Recruitment Services

Campus Direct understands the needs of the market place and has hence created and exclusive set of recruitment services in addition to our recruitment platform. These services are unlike traditional placement services and much more economical by nature and help clients realize measurable benefits.

Organizations that have limited internal human resources and also needs to make their recruitment costs variable to the extent possible are ideally suited to avail of these services. Our dedicated professional team works on delivering on assignments received. These services includes...

  • Creating postings and delivering assured number of candidates for interviews.
  • Prescreening and evaluation of candidates based on criteria defined.
  • Organizing and administering tests under supervised conditions on behalf of clients.
  • Other specific assignments that maybe required by clients.

Process services

Screening services are aimed at ensuring all critical aspects are screened, checked, verified with the relevant sources for their genuineness, authenticity and validity.With nearly 25% candidates plumping their resumes to make them sound better or relevant to the job, or forging signatures on a document or tampering with figures, marks or dates, to be sure the hire is true, genuine and the right one for the organization, screening is the best solution.