Executive Search Services (ESS) focuses on senior level (CEO, VP, and Director) positions. Our success rate is high because we concentrate on the key areas of a successful search:

  1. Identify outstanding candidates. We don't consider someone a "candidate" unless they are outstanding in their field and not actively looking for another  position. You get the best possible candidates. We won't bring you unhappy people who are terminally unemployed, because we know that isn't what you want.
  2. Evaluate candidates to guarantee positive matches. Placed candidates succeed because they possess both a professional expertise and a personal professional expertise to fit into the culture of an organization. ESS evaluates that "fit," and presents candidates who will do an outstanding job at all levels.
  3. Convince the right candidate of the superior value of the opportunity. ESS ensures you spend your time with top-tier candidates who sincerely want the position, and are seriously interested in contributing to your company's success. This not only helps you find the right candidate, but also maximizes your time. We can offer such selective services because we put our resources where they count. We develop relationships
  4. Unique Mission. PMS understands the unique mission and search requirements of its academic health science and healthcare clients as well as their complexity and sophistication. PMS works with key constituencies and stakeholders to develop an exacting profile of ideal candidate skills, experience, and leadership attributes. We employ a finely-tuned research strategy that leverages our extensive health sector experience, culminating in an outstanding group of candidates for each client's search. We agree prospectively on a strict timeline with research milestones and progress updates committing the full resources of our firm to exceed each client's expectations.
  5. Facilitates process and interviews. Coordinate all interviews and travel logistics. Assist client with interview preparation. Conduct extensive background and reference checks. Maintain complete confidentiality for candidates and clients.